Applications Now Open for Haiku Criticisms

The World Haiku Association is currently seeking criticisms on the theme of haiku. The best criticisms will be published in World Haiku 2019 No.15, one copy of which will be presented to the author.

Application details
Deadline: 30th September, 2018
Email address to which essays should be sent:
*Japanese criticisms - 15 pages maximum, of 400 characters per page
*English criticisms - 1000 words maximum
Please send your criticism as a Word file, be it in English or Japanese
Judge:Ban'ya Natsuishi

Please also provide the following information when submitting your criticism: your full name, the year in which you were born (using the Western '19--' style), your postal address and e-mail address, as well as a brief biographical outline (200 characters for Japanese, 100 words for English).


世界俳句協会は、俳論を募集します。優秀作を『世界俳句2019 第15号』に掲載し、応募者に1冊贈呈します。

締め切り  2018 年9月3日
分量    日本語 400字×15枚以内
      英語  1000単語以内
内容    自由
審査    夏石番矢

姓名、西暦の生年、住所、Eメールアドレス、略歴(日本語は200字 英語は100単語)を明記して、応募してください。