The 7th WHA Japan Conference to be held on April 29, 2012 in Tokyo.

Time: 1:00pm through 4:30pm
Place: Itabashi Ward Green Hall, room 601 (phone: 080-5175-0331)
Fee: 2000 yen (for person under 30 yrs old 1000 yen)
Program: Reports of the past events, and of the future events. Lecture by Dr. Sukehiro Hirakawa, Haiku readings.

Party: from 5:00pm through 8:00pm at Marugame restaurant ( phone: 050-5831-5770)
Fee: 5000 yen (for person under 30yrs, 3000 yen)

For those who wish to participate, please fill out the PDF form and send it to WHA Office by April 15.


WHA Japapn conference location map