A Little Haiku Contest by haiku magazine IRIS, Ivanic Grad, Croatia


Theme:   2010 –  International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures


Judge:  Boris Nazansky


11  Equally graded awards



an'ya, La Pine, Oregon, USA

patchworked in this seamless sky -                     

bits of cloud bits                                                     


Rajna Begovic, Belgrade, Serbia

by an old temple                      

in different languages -                                         




Krysztof Kokot, Nowy Targ, Poland


Jordan's West Bank                         

rag doll                                              

without one leg                               



Malvina Mileta, Nedešćina, Croatia


A suitcase from India                              

brought fragrance                                     

the mediteranean.                                  



John Parsons, Topcroft, Bungay, United Kingdom

Keralan roadside                                                     

under dry palm fronds                             

grandmother's break stone                    



Dejan Pavlinović, Pula, Croatia

playing their way                                                    

through foreign words                            

little strangers                                           



Patricia Prime, Auckland, New Zealand


suicide bombing                                                      

yet still we celebrate                               

the Year of the Tiger                                

Zoe Savina, PalliniAttikis, Greece

Demonstration in Sacramento                     


small cries                                                                              

becoming stepping stones                  

for large ones                                            



Sandra Simpson, Tauranga, New Zealand


lost in the souk -                                                     

a henna-stained hand                              

reaches for mine                                      



Tatjana Stefanović, Belgrade, Serbia


a tiny rainbow                                           

connects the clouds -                              

a rafter's song                                           



Božena Zernec, Krapina, Croatia


joy at the museum!                                  

early manfs relatives arrived                  

for Xmas - from Paris*                            



*On December 17, from Parisf atelier of artist Elisabeth Daynes arrived the dolls of Krapina early men, for a new exhibition in the Museum of Krapinafs early man.







This year we received 241 haiku written by 75 authors from 25 countries. The judge, Prof. Vida Pust Skrgulja decided as follows:


1st Prize / 1. nagrada


fishing late                                                                       kasni ribolov

the boat full                                                                     camac se napunio

of one cricket                                                                  jednim cvrckom


Darrell Lindsey
Nacogdoches,Texas, United States



2nd Prize / 2. nagrada


strong waves                                                                 jaki valovi

returning an empty shell                         @@@@@@@@vracaju praznu skoljku

to the sea                                                                        moru


Zeljko Spoljar

Zapresic, Croatia



3rd Prize / 3. nagrada


in the market                                                                 na trznici

only the beggar's dog                                                  samo prosjakov pas

stares at the eyes                                       @@@@gleda u oci


John Parsons

Bungay, Suffolk, United Kingdom


















 Commendations / Pohvale




a dry leaf                                                       suhi list

travelling                                                       putuje

along the highwy                                        autocestom


                                                                           Zeljko Funda

@@ Varazdin,  Croatia



departing tran ...                                         vlak na odlasku ...

in a gust of spring rain                                u pljusku proljetne kise

a lasting kiss                                                 dugi poljubac


                                                                           Verica Zivkovic

@@ Starcevo kod Panceva, Serbia



in perfect silence                                        savrsena tisina

the lake                                                         u jezeru

reflects us                                                     nas odraz


                                                                           Tanu Deo Sharma
                                                             Topeka, Kansas, United States



 by a river                                                             pokraj rijeke

 listening to the silence                                    slusajuci tisinu

 of its flowc                                                         njezina tokac


                                                                           Sasa Vazic

Beograd/Batajnica, Serbia



old city bridge –                                                      stari gradski most -

pigeons on wings                                                        golubovi na krilima

of stone angels                                                   kamenih andjela


Scott Mason
Chappaqua, New York, United States


outside the café                                ispred kafica

wind rattles the tables                                     vjetar lupa stolovima

the spider spins on                                                      pauk dalje tka


Peg Duthie

Nashville, Tennessee, United States



late autumn                                                                    kasna jesen

so many things                                                    tolike su stvari

visible                                                                   vidljive


Petar Tchouhov
Sofia, Bulgaria



abandoned city -                                                     napusteni grad -

only the tree shadows                                     samo se sjene drveca

move with the wind                                                       krecu s vjetrom


                                                                           Jacek Margolak

Kielce, Poland



car windows –                                                    prozori auta -

a bumble-bee is just                                    kroz njih  bumbar

passing through                                                    samo preleti



An'ya Petrovic

La Pine, Oregon, United States



Selected Haiku / Odabrani haikui



angling by night                                                      nocni ribolov

my fish hook gets stuck                                        udica mi je zapela

in the Great Bear                                                     u Velikom medvjedu



Vasile Moldovan

                                                                           Bucharest, Bulgaria


waning moon –                                                     opada mjesec -

cherry blossom froth                                    @@@pjena cvjetova tresnje

at my feet                                                              kraj mojih nogu


@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Nathalie Buckland

Nimbin, NSW, Australia



the dry river bed                                                   suho korito rijeke

on a shadow of fruit tree                    @@@@@@@na sjeni stabla vocke

crowds of butterflies                                    @@@mnostvo leptira    


Oprica Padeanu

Bucharest, Romania



   in the city park –                             @@@@@@@@u gradskom parku -

   down the sliding board                                 niz tobogan sklizne

   first raindrop slides                              @@@@prva kisna kap


                                                                           Dragan J. Ristic

                                                                           Nis, Serbia



a bird lands                                                     @@ptica sleti

upon the Buddhafs headc                                na Budinu glavuc

unbroken silence                                                tisina traje


                                                                           David Simmonds

Sidcup, Kent, United Kingdom



first schoolday –                                                   prvi dan skole -

in the lime hollow                                            @ u duplji stare lipe

two schoolbags                                                     dvije torbe


Dan Norea

Constanta, Romania





caught myself                                           uhvatih se

whistling today; someone                   kako fuchkam; netko je

inside me is happy                                 sretan u meni


Phil Madden

Abergavenny, United Kingdom



pumpkinfs flower                                   cvijet tikve

on manure heap.                                na kupu gnoja.

my shadow, too                                      i moja sjena


                                                              Tatjana Stefanovic

Belgrade, Serbia


The authors will receive a joint collection in Croatian and English as a gift during November 2009.