Submission Form for gWorld Haiku 2009h

(WHA annual publication will be distributed by Japanese publisher: Shichigatsudo)


When you submit your haiku, please be noted that membership is renewed every year. Please fill out gApplication Form for WHA Memberh again and send it to WHA Home Office with the membership fee.


Submission deadline: 2 May, 2008

Addressee: World Haiku Association Home Office

c/o Mr. Banfya Natsuishi 3-16-11 Tsuruse-nishi, Fujimi, Saitama 354-0026 Japan



your name as haiku poet:

its pronunciation:



birth year:



8 of your haiku in original language:

































N. B. @Hand-written submission can not be accepted by the editor.

Please add English or French translation in another sheet.