The Second vorld gaiku `ssociation bonference Album

The second vorld gaiku `ssociation conference was held at Tenri-city in Japan. About 100 haiku poets participated in the conference. Poets from 17 countries spent three days full of the stimulus of literature.

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WHA Directors

           Speech 1 Carmen Sterba
Instructor at Bunkyo University; USA & Japan

Speech 2             Ludmila Balabanova
Assistant Professor at Technical University of Sofia; Bulgaria

Speech 3 Philip Rowland
Lecturer at Tamagawa University; UK & Japan

           Speech 4 Kenichi Yamamoto
Professor at Gifu City Womenfs College; Japan

Speech 5  Zinovy Vayman
Member of Circle of Russian Haiku Poets, Member of Boston Haiku Society; Russia & USA


Kanfichi Abe (Japan)

Martin Berner (President, German Haiku Society; Germany)
Sayumi Kamakura (Editor of international haiku journal gGinyuh; Japan)
David Lanoue (Professor at Xavier University of Louisiana; USA)
Alain Kervern (Director, WHA; Instructor at West Brittany University; France)
Angelee Deodhar (India)

TV crew PA crew