Zahra Eskandari

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Zahra Eskandari was born in 1967 near Isfahan. She has
been writing poems over the last decade and this is her first published collection.

She had been trained as a sociologist and earns her living as a professional urban and regional planner. She has also done some research into the sociology of Iranian literature. Her poems MAKE OCCASIONAL references to music, WILD elements from nature, (mountains, springs, stoneS, rain and trees), AND to sensitivities of human anatomy such as eyes, lips, hands and shoulders.

About her own poems she says: "NO GENIE shall come out
of my bottle of poetry, rather ordinary daily happenings like ripples on a calm sea portray a happening."






The water's funeral march
on hands of stone
proclaims the sure death of the spring
Where does the lover spring
die? There...
where golden fishes bloom
Passing the night
oh! the saddest song
where are you?
The tired moon
the passerby reads the moon's thought
in the stream

Author: Zahra Eskandari
Editor: Leila Caramad
Translators: Leila Caramad and David Lanoue



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