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Ludmila Balabanova
Bulgarian, English
no personal website Bulgaria

Ludmila Balabanova was born in 1949 in Bulgaria. Educated at the Technical University of Sofia, where she is currently teaching. She is a member of the Bulgarian Haiku Club and she is the Bulgarian editor for the WHA. Publications include two poetry books, one haiku collection ("Cricket song", 2002) and poems in anthologies and magazines.

Author: Ludmila Balabanova
Editor:Translator: Ludmila Balabanova
Credits "Snow again": Apokalipsa, 2002, 55/56, Slovenia "Eager and eager sunrises": Cricket song, Jannett-45, 2002 "Under butterfly wing": Cricket song, Jannett-45, 2002 "On my forehead": Apokalipsa, 2002, 55/56, Slovenia "At sunset": Apokalipsa, 2002, 55/56, Slovenia "Cuckoo": Cricket song, Jannett-45, 2002 "The song of a bell": Frogpond, XXIV :1, 2001 "Last summer day": Dazhdovni Semena, Antologiya, Hayni, Sofia, 2001 "Cricket song": HASEE, 2000

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