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Angelee Deodhar English
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An eye surgeon by profession, she is a haiku poet and artist from India. Her haiku/haiga has been published internationally in various books, journals and on the internet. She is a member of several haiku groups, the chief among them being the Haiku Society of America, Haiku Society of Canada, and Haiku International Association, Japan, the World Haiku Association and the Evergreen Haiku Society,Japan. She is a member of International Arts Medicine Association and has been published in medical magazines also. Her work can be viewed on many websites.She does not have any website of her own. In the year 2000 she attended the World Haiku Festival held in London and Oxford and presented a paper on Haiku in India. In May 2001 she gave a multimedia presentation on "Contemporary Collaborative Haiga and Healing "at the request of the Haiku Society of Canada in their Haiku Canada Weekend meeting in Kingston, Ontario. She spoke about the therapeutic effects of writing at the Sunday Fireside in the Mormon Church Magrath, Alberta Canada. On June 28th, 2001 she presented a paper" Haiku Experience, Coenesthesia and the Haijin as Healer" in Boston, Massachusetts at the Haiku North America conference. In July 2001, she presented a paper in the Humanities Department Wayne State University, Detroit about the therapeutic effects of haiga/haiku in a talk on "Haiga and Healing". She was also an invited speaker at the poets reading in the Opera House Detroit in July. In summer 2003 she was one of the main speakers at the Haiku North America conference held in New York City. She gave an hour long multimedia presentation on "The Seasons of Love: Women's Poetry in India and Japan". The Frankfurt Haiku Circle (59th Haiku Seminar), Germany invited her to present her work on "The Seasons of Love: Women's Poetry in India and Japan"on 26th July 2003 in Frankfurt. She helped to translate the German members haiku into English. In August 2003, she spent a week in Prestwick, Scotland where she presented her work on 13th August and conducted a Haiku Workshop on 16th August Saturday at the invitation of the haiku poet Rev. Canon Philip David Noble of St. Ninian's Episcopal Church. In September 2003 she met with the members of the Meguro International Friendship Association on 20th Sept. On 21st and 22nd In October 2003, she had been invited to be a panelist at the 2nd World Haiku Association Conference in Tenri, Japan. While in Japan she also met with other prominent poets from the Haiku International Association, with a view to promote international haiku links and friendship. In November 2004, she will be meeting with poets from the Meguro International Friendship Association. In May 2005 she will be one of the speakers at the Haiku Canada Weekend in Lethbridge,Canada. In July 2005, she will be one of the invited speakers at the Third World Haiku Association Conference, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

between us
vapors from the teacups
autumn chill

haiga workshop
in the downstroke of the brush
the sound of rain

in the silence
of the zendo
my stomach growls

harvest moon
scooping it out of the lake
the rustle of leaves

darkening sky
between mimosa blooms
an iridescent honey-eater

far from home
their songs missed
- those frogs

Midnight walk
the dog nudges me down
our moonlit path

rumors of war
up into a darkening sky
- a child's newsprint kite

pail in hand
I trace the muddy path
of childhood mushrooms

New Year's bells
all the way to the horizon
frosted cabbages

Author:Angelee Deodhar
Editor:Ban'ya Natsuishi
between us: Modern Haiku Vol. XXXI, No. 3 Fall, 2000
in the silence: frogpond , Volume XXI : Number 2, 1998
darkening sky: Haiku Canada Newsletter,Vol XV : Number 2, Feb 2002
Midnight walk: The Asahi Shimbun, Sat-Sun Oct 25-26, 2003
pail in hand: Haiku World, An International Poetry Almanac, Willam J. Higginson, Kodansha International 1996.
haiga workshop: Presence Award, Highly Commended, also published in Haiku Canada Newsletter, Vol XV, June 2002 Number 3
harvest moon: Honorable Mention,
far from home: Basho Memorial Museum Competiton Anthology, 2003
rumors of war: Third Prize, The Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Award for 2003
New Year's bells: Mainichi Daily News, Jan. 3, 2004 (No.655)

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