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Bamdev Sharma is an English Language Teacher from Dang in Nepal who intends to make a career of creative writing. He started writing in 1994. His poems have been published on The Tintota, The Surface, The Event Quarterly, The Poetic Voices, The Voice, Simply Haiku, and The Zinue Quarterly from Japan. Some more are still to come.

Sunflowers in bloom
oracle of sunny days
in the waltzing grass
Sixty years
licking time's lollipop
as dusk falls
Dusky snapshot
misty droplets on leaves
waving with wind
Snow-wounded rocks
ruffling and rustling beat
flakes flying
April syndrome
let me count wasps
on crispy leaves
Frost-bitten log
snail after ants
a chasing game

Author: Bamdev Sharma
Editor: David G. Lanoue

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