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He was born in Auckland, NZ, in June 1949. Writer and peace-activist, Ron Riddell, is one of New Zealand's most widely published poets. An arts graduate of Auckland University, he worked for many years as a school teacher. In recent years, he has been travelling and working in Latin America. Riddell has performed in a number of countries, including Chile, Colombia, El Salvador and the U.S.A., where his latest book, the award-winning collection, Leaves of Light (like Spirit Songs and El Milagro de Medellin) was published in a bi-lingual edition (English and Spanish). Riddell has performed his work in many festivals and cultural venues around the world, including The Edinburgh Festival (U.K.), Harbourfront (Canada), El Festival Internacional de Poesia de Medellin (Colombia) and El Festival Internacional de Poesia de Cartagena (Colombia), The Austin International Poetry Festival (U.S.A.) and El Encuentro Internacional de Poetas (El Salvador). He has also been involved in a number of peace and cultural initiatives in Colombia, Chile, U.S.A., El Salvador and New Zealand. In Auckland Riddell founded The Titirangi Poets (1976) and in the 1990's established a haven for poets with the Live Poets' Cafe which adjoined the Dead Poets Bookshop in Karangahape Road. A painter, musician and the author of a number of plays and novels, he has published 15 collections of verse. At present, he lives in the New Zealand capital city, Wellington, where he is Director of The Wellington International Poetry Festival. In 2004 he was finalist in The Wellingtonian of the Year Awards. His latest verse collection, Leaves of Light, is published by Caza de Poesia, Los Angeles, U.S.A., 2005. WHA honorary member.

His publication includes: Beads (Parnassus Press, Auckland, 1975), Persephone, Outrigger Publishers, Northern Light (Parnassus Press, Edinburgh, 1978), Islands (Parnassus Press, Edinburgh, 1978), Paths of Fight (Writer and Artists Press, Auckland, 1980), The Christ Light (Solent Publishers, Auckland, 1983), Sense of Being (Writers and Artists Press, Auckland, 1984), Breathing Space (Coromandel Press, Coromandel, 1986), How to Eat a Hot Dog on the Main Street of Thames (E.S.A.W., Auckland, 1990), Michelangelo Dreams (Puriri Press, Auckland, 1997), Love Songs for the Dead (Puriri Press, Auckland, 1998), El Milagro de Medellin y otros poemas (Casa Nueva, Medellin, Colombia, 2002), Anthology of the First Wellington International Poetry Festival (Co-editor, HeadworX, Wellington, 2003), Spirit Songs (Casa Nueva, Medellin/Steele Roberts, Wellington, 2004), Anthology of the Second Wellington International Poetry Festival (Co-editor, HeadworX, Wellington, 2004), Leaves of Light (Caza de Poesia, Los Angeles, U.S.A., 2005).

inner dawn: red sun
skyward connection
effortless song
on the path through the bush
I pause to kiss
the fiery air
a half-finished song
a finished one,
dying in ashes of trees
未完の歌 完成した歌
red earth, blue hills
parrot barking
at the gate
wind of firerages:
today a cool breeze
between the blackened trunks
in a field of sunflowers
you wave tirelessly
till the word comes through
growing through death
from strength to strength
shines the silent triumph
輝く 静かな勝利
I stop counting waves
put my hand on your shoulder
welcome dreams
leaves of light upon the tree
leaves of light shine presently
the life of deft eternity
garlands of marigolds
each one fit for a king
do not disturb the prayers

Author: Ron Riddell
Editor: Ban'ya Natsuishi
Translator:Ban'ya Natsuishi

1; World Haiku 2006, Shichigatsudo, Japan, 2005
2~9; Ginyu No. 29, Ginyu Press, Japan, 2006

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