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Paul Pfleuger, Jr., is from Buffalo, New York and was born in 1970. He’s been an English instructor in Taiwan, since relocating from New York City in 1999. Currently an English Lecturer with the Department of Applied Languages for Interpretation at Chang Jung University, he holds a B.A. in Public Communication from The State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo State, an International Master’s of Business Administration at National Cheng Kung University, where he is presently taking a PhD. Academically, he has published journal articles concerning information privacy concerns, ethical perceptions of RFID’ and behavior towards surveillance technology. His poetry is published in journals such as Ginyu, Frogpond, The Heron’s Nest, bottle rockets, Acorn, Simply Haiku, Roadrunner and World Haiku Review, as well as others, and appears in Red Moon Anthologies, ‘edge of light’, ‘tug of the current’, ‘inside the mirror’, and the forthcoming ‘big sky’ from 2003-2006. Pfleuger is one the featured poets in ‘A New Resonance 4’ from Red Moon Press and also appears in the World Haiku Association’s ‘World Haiku 2007’. He has placed second in the 10th International Kusamakura Haiku Competition 2005, Foreign Language Category, the 7th Annual Haiku International Contest 2005, 10th Mainichi Haiku Contest in 2006 and received the Judges’ Award in the Ito En New Haiku Contest in 2007. He is a member of the World Haiku Association.

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Mandarin Translations by陳召燕 (Zhao-yan Chen)

Dark eyes
swaying white
panties in the breeze
黑暗的眼 擺盪的白色 微風中的短襯褲
At the spring market
I buy into the illusion
of a straw hat
春天的市場 我浸盈在一頂草帽的幻覺之中
The golden arches go out
and as if with permission-
the heavens
金黃色拱門熄滅 如同需要准許般 天空
infinity then a fishing boat on the horizon
無窮盡 地平線上 一艘漁船

a red balloon
floating above
the eagle cage

一個紅色氣球 漂浮著 在關著老鷹的籠子上
sundown colors of both flags over Antietam
日落 兩面旗幟的顏色 安提坦
through dreamlike clouds
the suburbs


over the petri dish
each kid's face
quite different
All five tastes
in our mouths-
the impeachment fails
五味覺 在每人嘴裡 責難失敗
Long plum rains-
have I tasted
mother’s milk?
梅雨綿延 我是否嚐過 母親的奶水?

Author: Paul Pfleuger, Jr.
Editor: Ban'ya Natsuishi
Translator:Ban'ya Natsuishi

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4 World Haiku Review Vol. 5, Issue 1 2005
5 7th Haiku International Association Award Prize Winner, Nov. 2005
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7 from a plane Frogpond Winter Issue, 2006
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9,10 Ginyu #34

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