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Cydney Robbins American

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Miss Robbins is an artist and teacher who taught elementary school for thirteen years, specializing in hands-on science, writing workshop, and folk dancing for children. She currently teaches English as a second language and volunteers part-time as an apprentice carpenter and roofer with Habitat for Humanity. She enjoys painting, dancing, fiddling on her viola, visiting friends and family, and hiking tiny but heavenly pieces of the Appalachian Trail with her dog, Monty. She lives in a green house in the middle of a large, wild garden in Ocala, Florida, USA, with her loveable dog and several beautiful cats. She writes most of her haiku in the middle of the night.
Blog:healing with a headache in the pelvis

hi, my name is cyd,
and i'm a haikuholic!
welcome, cyd! let's write:

i cook, and i bake,
my magical love transfers
from my heart to him.

early morn, baking,
G-d,* oh he's so beautiful-
dough gently rising.

friendship, family,
a community of love,
family of choice.

i knead the soft dough,
working up a sweat of joy,
rising with my love.

heavenly tallis*
riding upon his shoulders,
walking paradise.

oh, brotherly one,
i want to be your tallis,
sisterly embrace.

spiritual hands,
expressive, beautiful doves,
move and fly gently.

what i wont tell him:
love you more than anyone,
wish you felt the same.

he took the cookie
that i made with my bare hands,
put it in his mouth.

*G-d- in jewish tradition, the name of G-d is not written out. too sacred to be pronounced outside of prayer. we leave out the letter: "o"

*tallis- yiddish/hebrew word:
a beautiful, fringed, jewish prayer shawl,
usually white, with dark blue or black stripes,
traditionally worn by men.