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Francine Porad (6944 SE 33rd, Mercer Island, WA 98040-3324 USA) is a Seattle area painter and widely-published haiku poet. She served as President of the Haiku Society of America from 1993-1995. Porad is a prolific writer whose haiku are in current issues of publications worldwide, an award winner, a lecturer and a juror of many national and international haiku /senryu/ tanka competitions.



November sunshine
a six-inch carpet of leaves
for the tree house
desert heat
cactus flowers stand
away from their spines
love poem read aloud
splintered light
of a billion stars
a matron
pockets the fluted shell
ginko moon
snapped line-
the salmon's full length
in the air
a finch at the feeder
the caged parakeet

retired engineer planting petunias precisely

silenced by a stroke her hateful tongue

temple bells a stranger blesses me
late fall
     skeleton of the tree
     on each leaf back

Author: Francine Porad
Editor: Billie Wilson


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