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Jim Kacian (United States) is a co-founder of the World Haiku Association, as well as owner of Red Moon Press and editor of, Frogpond, the international membership journal of the Haiku Society of America. He has published 5 books of haiku: Presents of Mind (Katsura Press, Portland OR 1996 HSA Merit Book Award Winner); Chincoteague (Amelia Press, Bakersfield CA 1997 Cicada Chapbook Contest First Prize Winner); Six Directions (La Alameda Press, Albuquerque NM 1998 HSA Merit Book Award Winner); In Concert (Saki Press, Normal IL 1999 Tiny Poems Press Chapbook Contest Winner, Virgil Hutton Memorial Haiku Chapbook Contest Winner); Out of the Stones: Selected Haiku of Jim Kacian (forthcoming from Apokalypsa Press, Ljubljana Slovenia 2001).


after snow
the faint yellowness
of the white house
camping alone-
the crackle of dry twigs
in the fire
child's burial
the uneven heights
of the headstones
chopping wood-
someone does the same
a moment later
drowned moth-
the wax hardens
around it
first autumn wind-
not feeling the knife
slice my finger
a screensaver glows
through a dark window
leaving the movies-
believing this world
is the real one
new green leaves
a child I don't know
waves to me
night fishing
bailing the moon
out of the boat

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Author: Jim Kacian
Editor: Billie Wilson



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