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Origa is a pen name of Olga Hooper. She was born in Siberia, Russia. Graduated from Tyumen State University with a master's degree with honors in history and social sciences, and from post-graduate school with a written thesis in Russian history. For many years Olga has been a teacher in colleges and universities. Since 1998 after marriage to an American man, she has lived in Michigan, USA with her husband, two cats, and their children and grandchildren.
Origa is a devoted student of haiku, sumi-e, painting on ceramic, ikebana, shakuhachi and koto music, Japanese literature, and Japanese cuisine. Her works have been published in "Simply Haiku" magazine; in "Haigaonline" in "Green Leaf" where she has her personal Photo Gallery of haiga (in collaboration with Ashe Wood), and haiku at http://thegreenleaf.co.uk/HP/Duets/Olga/00olga.htm ; in 2004 issue of "Reeds: Contemporary Haiga" (editor Jeanne Emrich); in "Hermitage: A Haiku Journal" (editor Ion Codrescu); in "Shinzounokodou:Heartbeat"; in "Temps Libres/Free Times"; in "Haiku Stvarnost (Haiku Reality)" e-zine; in "Yellow Moon" in Russian haiku almanac "Haikumena"; and others. In 2004, Origa's haiga have been every month among winners of the World Haiku Association's Haiga contests.
Origa is a member of the World Haiku Club, World Haiku Association, Haiku Hut Poetry Forums, Cherry Poetry Club. Origa's most recent accomplishment is First Place and an Honorable Mention at the Kaji Aso Studio International Haiku Contest 2004 (the link to their Web site is:
Third place in Shadow Poetry 3rd Biannual Chapbook Competition (2004); First place (tide with Kilmeny Niland) in 16 WHA Haiga contest.

Author: Origa
Editor: Ban'ya Natsuishi
Translator:Ban'ya Natsuishi
1. Simply Haiku, 2003 #5
2. Shinzounokodou:Heartbeat, 2004 #1
3. Temps Libres/Free Times, October 2004
4. Kaji Aso Studio International Haiku contest, 2004, First prize
5. WHA Haiga contest, April 2004, #14
6. Yellow Moon, 2004 #16
8 . Green Leaf: Haiga pages: Origa's Gallery
9 . Hermitage, 2004 #1-2
10 . Haikumena, 2004 #2


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