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Free-lanced author from 1974 until now : 11 "neosurrealist" poetry books ­"The oak of wolves" 1968, "A door on the expanse" 1971, "Permit the small bird to twaddle outdoors" 1976, "Mental nostrils" 1978, "I sip darknesses" 1988, "Fullmoon midday" 1990, "Consciousness is a snakeskin" 1995, "Subconsciousness is always jolly" 2000 etc.; 2 pseudohistoric novels ­ "The diary of a horsethief" 1996, "She put hundred men on their backs" ­ about Estonian lady-wrestlers a hundred years ago ­1998; a collection of short stories, 20 radioplays, 2 manuscripts for cinema, 3 manuscripts for open-air performancies, translations from different languages into Estonian, including authors such as: T. S. Eliot, A. Ginsberg, L. Ferlinghetti, G. Corso, C.Pinkola-Estés, C. Shields, P. Boran, G. Rosenstock, J. F.Deane, W. Soyinka, W. Busch, H. Hoffmann, K. Schwitters, F. Dostoyevsky, F. Tyuchev, A. Fet, J. Olesha, N. Gumilyov, J. Brodsky, F.G. Lorca, R. Alberti, Y. Emre, U. Kailas, A. Hellaakoski, A. Meriluoto, Du Fu, Pu Songling, Kakinomoto no Hitomaro, Yoshinobu no Onakatomi and others. Have also translated "1001 nights", together with my wife Ly Seppel, as well as Siberian folklore.My own poems have been translated into 30 languages. Editor of Estonian Encyclopaedia 1972-74 (I edited articles on Estonian, Finnish and Hungarian literature, theory of literature, linguistics and folklore). Editor of monthly magazine "Kultuur ja Elu" 1968-72. Editor of Estonian literary weekly "Sirp ja Vasar" 1966-68. Editor of the monthly magazine "Küsimused ja Vastused" 1965-66. Participated in expeditions exploring small Fenno-Ugric and Samoyedic nations in northern Siberia and European Russia 1964-65, 1972
Estonian Philharmony Prize for the best song lyrics of the year, 1984. Award of Mainor Limited for the best poetry book of the year,1990. "Looming"(a literary monthly) Prize for the best poem of the year, 1994, Estonian Cultural Capital Prize for the best poetry book of the year, 1996. Finnish Ponkala Foundation Prize for the best introduction of Finnish culture abroad, 1996. "Looming" Prize for the best novel of the year, 1998. EXPO-2000 Prize for my poem imitating Kurt Schwitters´ MERZ-style Estonian National Prize 2001 for poetry collection "Subconsciousness is always jolly". Juhan Liiv Prize for the best poem of the year, 2003.
Poetry readings and festivals abroad I have taken part: in Finland: Helsinki (several times), Oulu, Kajaani, Turku; in Sweden: Stockholm, Gotland, Biskop-Arnö; in Danmark: Copenhagen, Arhus; in Iceland: Reykjavik; in Canada: Toronto; in USA: New York; in Colombia: Medellin, Bucaramanga;
in Japan: Tenri; in Ouzbekistan: Tashkent, Samarkand; in Tajikistan: Dushanbe; in Georgia: Thbilisi, Tshinvali, Pitsunda; in Armenia: Yerevan; in Russia: Moscow, Petersburg, Kaliningrad;
in Latvia: Riga, Jurmala; in Lithuania: Anik_iai, Druskininkai, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Nida, Vilnius;
in Netherlands: Maastricht; in Germany: Hannover (EXPO-2000); in Macedonia: Struga; in Romania: Curtea de Arges; in Italy: Trieste; in Slovenia: Vilenica, Ljubljana.
Active languages(speaking fluently): Estonian, Finnish, English, Russian
Passive languages (reading with dictionary): German, Spanish, French, Ostyak-Samoyedic, Vote,Vepsian, Karelian, Izhorian (the last five are small Samoyedic and Finno-Ugric languages)

Andres Ehin deceased on December 10, 2011 in Tallin, the capital of Estonia.


Author: Andres Ehin
Editor: Ban'ya Natsuishi
Translator: Japanese translation by Ban'ya Natsuishi


"Ginyu" No.13 (Ginyu Press, Japan, 2002)


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