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Bart Mesotten Dutch, English
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Bart Mesotten was born in 1923 in Diepenbeek and lives in Overijse. Since 1972 he devotes his time especially to the propagation of haiku by publishing books and articles and giving conferences. He was the driving force behind haiku in Flanders. From 1976 till 1996 he was the president-founder of the Haiku Centre Flanders. Till 1996 he was general editor of Vuursteen (Flint), a periodical completely devoted to haiku. In 2000 he received at Matsuyama (Japan) the prestigious 'Shiki International Haiku Award' for his contribution to a greater reputation and spread of haiku in the world outside of Japan. About haiku he published: "Dag, haikoe" (Hello, haiku) (1972), "Dag, pauwoog" (Hello, peacock butterfly) (1977), "Dag, licht" (Hello, light) (1980), "Gezegend die nacht - in memoriam patris" (Blessed this night - in memoriam patris) (1981), "De seizoenen van de appel" (The seasons of the apple) (1981), "Haikoe-boek" (Haiku book) (1986), "Een vis die opspringt" (A fish that jumps) (1989), "De tweede navelstreng breekt - in memoriam matris" (The second umbilical cord breaks - in memoriam matris) (1990), "Oog in oog - haikoe en senrioe" (Face to face - haiku and senryu) (1991), "Duizend kolibries - haikoe van hier en elders" (A thousand hummingbirds - haiku from here and elsewhere) (1993), "Een verre vogel - tweede hai-koeboek" (A distant bird - second haiku book) (1998), "Boven de wolken - derde haikoe-boek" (Above the clouds - Third haiku book) (2003).

Barre oostenwind -
het sap houdt zich verborgen
diep onder de grond.
Bitter east wind -
the sap keeps itself hidden
deep under the ground.
Mei-avond. Verder
dan de andere vogels
de roep van de koekoek.

May evening
farther away than the other birds
the cuckoo is calling.

Witte wolken
zijn vastgelopen in de wei -
White clouds
stranded in the meadow -
blossoming cherry trees.
Ik rijd negentig.
In mijn auto zweeft rustig
een wilgenpluisje.
Driving at 50 mph -
a fluff of willow seed
gently floating in my car.
Mijn nieuwe scheerkwast:
na drie maanden is hij
zijn wilde haren kwijt.
My new shaving-brush:
three months later it has lost
all of its wild hair.
In het metro-station
aan de overkant een vriend
onbereikbaar ver.
Subway station -
on the other platform a friend,
inaccessibly far.
't Is volmaakt windstil.
Opeens ritselt een klad sneeuw
van de sparrenboom.

Deepest calm.
Suddenly a lump of snow rustles
out of the pine tree.

Mijn bejaarde buur.
Niet verder dan zijn brievenbus
heeft hij sneeuw geruimd.

My aged neighbour.
Not farther than his mailbox
he shovelled the snow.

Vijf vriendinnetjes -
een hele metro-wagen
vol gekwetter.
Five giggly girl-friends
a whole subway coach
full of their chatter.

Author: Bart Mesotten
Editor: Willy Cuvelier Translators: Pete Lindmans & Max Verhart

"Barre oostenwind-"/"A bitter east wind-": Runners up award in the Itoen New Haikucontest Tokyo 1999.
All the other haiku's are published in "Duizend kolibries haikoe van hier en elders" (A thousand hummingbirds haiku from here and elsewhere).

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