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He was born in 1937 in Genova, Italy, where he studied and graduated in medicine. He lived in Milano and Rome, where in 1967 he began to see his poems published by important reviews. Returning to his hometown, he became an active member of the French Cultural Center, frequented the city,s literary scene, collaborated with several newspapers, and published three volumes of verses to critical acclaim.

 His most recent production includes a series of 48 tanka collected in the small volume Sguardi, which was presented at the Oriental Art Museum, E. Chiossone, with the sponsorship of the Genoa City Municipality.

 Giorgio Gazzolo is currently working on a volume comprising 100 haiku that will be titled, Il pozzo delle Rondini (Swallow,s Well)






canta insistente

quest,ultima cicala"

è quasi notte

the insistent song of this last cicada" soon, night
il vento stacca   la bianca piuma presa nel fil di ferro    the wind frees the little feather imprisoned on the barbed wire

sole a gennaio"

nuota nel mare freddo 

un uomo anziano

January sun"

in the cold sea an old man


parco deserto"

entro in punta di piedi

nell,erba nuda

deserted park"

I walk tiptoe

through the naked grass

ancora vivo

il rosso della rosa

gettata via

still full of life

the red of the rose 

dropped to the ground

Author: Giorgio Gazzolo
Editor: Giorgio Gazzolo
Translator: David G. Lanoue


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