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Born in Tenri, Nara, Japan (1949)
BFA from University of Hawaii.
Upon graduation, one of his paintings received a purchase award at Artists of Hawaii Exhibition, and became a permanent collection at Honolulu Museum of Arts.

Returned to Japan in 1972.
Design awards:
Ichiretu-kai Scholarship Foundation Logo Mark contest, 1st. place.
Japan Toy Accociation Logo Mark contest, 1st. place.

Haiku related: His haiga, haiku, and haibun appeared in numerous publications and websites worldwide. His haiga artworks are shown at the following website.



Advisor to World Haiku Association. Judge of WHA Haiga Contest.




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Author: Kuniharu Shimizu
Editor: Ban'ya Natsuishi
Translator: Japanese translation by Ban'ya Natsuishi


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