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Born in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan in 1936. Began to compose haiku in 1963, studying under Tohta Kaneko. Stayed as a farm trainee in California, U.S.A., for one year (1965-1966). Studied American Culture under Taro Yashima (illustrator of children's books) in Los Angeles at that time. Currently lecturer on haiku at NHK Miyazaki Culture Center. A member of the Modern Haiku Association and the Japan Agricultural Exchange Council.

Publications include collections of original haiku: Straw Hat (1979), Kappa, River Sprite (1989), The Sound of Waves (1997), Straw Hat: English edition (2000), as well as the essays: "Trial and Error in a Foreign Land" (1974), "Kappa's Notebook" (1985). etc.






Author: Tateo Fukutomi
Editor: Ikuyo Yoshimura
Translators: Tateo Fukutomi, Robert Adams, Jonathon Reinhardt, and Ikuyo Yoshimura


All haiku are from Mugiwarabo (1979)
All of the English translations are from Straw Hat (2000)


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