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Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1956. Received an M.A. in English Literature at Meiji-Gakuin University Graduate School. Started to write haiku in his college years under the guidance of Shigenobu Takayanagi. Current Positions: A contributor to Gin’yu and Mitei and a member of Modern Haiku Association; Associate Professor of English at Tokyo Denki University and from April 2001 a Visiting Research Fellow at University of London.

His publications include his haiku collection: Là-bas (2001). Also, his haiku has appeared in Haiku of Postwar Generation (1988); Haiku in Drawing (1988); A Guide to Haiku in the 21st Century (1997); Haiku Troubadours 2000 (2000), etc.






Author: Toshio Kimura
Editor: Ikuyo Yoshimura
Translators: Ban'ya Natsuishi, Toshio Kimura, and Eric Selland


all haiku from: Là-bas (2001)


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