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Born in Ehime Prefecture, Japan, 1956. Regular contributor to Itadori and Kaitei Menber of the Modern Haiku Association. Positions:Chief director of the Ehime Modern Haiku Association of Youth Section,Board member of Matsuyama Haiku Association, Director of the Ehime Haiku Association. Awards: Itadori Prize 1991,the 30th Kaitei Debut Prize 1995,the 16th Modern Haiku Association Debut Prize 1998,Ehime Modern Haiku Association Prize 1999.

in Tokyo
walk like running
my advice to brother
turn that corner
the second semester
will start
in his bedroom
my son roams around
the desolate field
carrying the birdhouse
in his arm
that looks a class president
two-day-no drink
let the birds
visit me
swarms of sea slaters
a joint conspiracy
of crossing a strait
talking about silk tree fiowers
at the valley
to my child with fever
stop to the rest,
summer calm sea
is in front you,kids
toss about in bed
mountains are coming to me
the evening cicada chirping
lost a close game,
only carried
defeated rugger player's face on me

Author: Yuji Matsumoto
Editor: Ikuyo Yoshimura
Translators: Shu Hirohashi & Ikuyo Yoshimura

Revised .
Copyright 2001 World Haiku Association.
All rights reserved.

All poetry the copyright of the author.
All translations the copyright of the translator.

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