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She was born in Japan, 1936, graduated from Saitama University. She has studied haiku under the direction of Ban'ya Natsuishi. Began to contirbute haiku to "Ginyu" in 2002, became a regular contirbutor to "Ginyu" in 2004. A member of WHA. She is also an artist painter, a Member of Japan Artists' Association, promoting exchanges between Japanese and Icelandic painters. Currently she resides in Saitama City.

Author:Yuko Tange
Editor:Ban'ya Natsuishi
Translators: Ban'ya Natsuishi & James Shea
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6. Ginyu No. 22, Ginyu Press, April 2004.
7. Ginyu No. 21, Ginyu Press, January 2004.
8. Ginyu No.19, Ginyu Press, July 2003.
9. Ginyu No. 20, Ginyu Press, October 2003.
10. Ginyu No. 24, Ginyu Press, October 2004.

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