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Wim Lofvers (1930-2007) was a physician. He was a naval doctor in the former Dutch New Guinea (now West Papua), and worked as a general practioner in Norway and in the Netherlands province of Frisia. His interest in things spritual is rooted in anthroposophy, Buddhism and Zen-Buddhism. All of these determined his attitude towards haiku, which he was interested in as early as 1956.

In 1981, Wim created his own private press, 't Hoge Woord, which he started with the intention of publishing haiku. Since his retirement in 1993 he has spent most of his time there, doing just that. His interest lies mainly with micro-editions, among others, the 'Radish' series, in which haiku poets can present 25 - 28 of their haiku in a pocket-sized book. Another production is the annual 'Spreeuwenagenda' (Starling Haiku Diary) with seven editions so far. With a few intimate friends, he founded the biannual international haiku journal 'Woodpecker - Journal for sharing haiku' (since 1995) publishing haiku by poets from all over the world, in native languages as well as English, thus supporting and spreading the development of world haiku.

Wim was president of the Haiku Kring Nederland (Haiku Circle Netherlands) from 1996 to 2000. He has published haiku in national and international journals and publications as well as in individual chapbooks. Haiku to him is a path to personal development and he regards his own achievements as only the beginning.


op de dakpannen
in de diepste duisternis

on the roof tiles
in the deepest darkness
winter rain
foar it fresco
krekt nij skildere
- it earste gebed

before the fresco
just painted afresh
the first prayer

een esdoornzaadje
in een donkere steeg
- Nieuwjaarsdag

a maple seed
in a dark alleyway
- New Year's Day
wat een lawaai
maar het betekent lente!
- de roekenkolonie

awful sounds
but they mean spring!
- the rookery

het koor is weg -
het zingen bleef achter
in de zomeravond

the choir is gone -
the singing dissolved
in the summer evening

de vogelschrik
omarmt de aarde

the scarecrow
toppled headfirst
embraces the earth
deze weg voert
naar plekken zonlicht, gejaagd
door wolkenschaduw
this road leads
to patches of sunlight
chased by clouds

Author: Wim Lofvers
Editor: Max Verhart, Rob Scott
Translator: Wim Lofvers, Max Verhart


"foar it fresko"/"before the fresco": Frogpond XXIV;1 (2001).
"de vogelschrik"/"the scarecrow": Radijs gebundeld (1997); Vuursteen XVIII:1 (1998)
"deze weg voert"/"this road leads": Haiku Troubadours 2000 (Ginyu Press 2000)
all other poems are previously not issued


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