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Mrs Bozena Zernec was born in 1943 in Zutnica nearby Krapina in the County of Hrvatsko Zagorje. Up to her 15th year she lived in the environment unaware of living haiku; in a house one pace from the forest, with her feet in a brook and butterflies in her hair. She often visited the beautiful lake and a castle in Trakoscan nearby. Educated in fine arts she becomes acquainted with ikebana, the reason for her visit to Japan. She worked as a textile and fashion designer, and is now retired. She now makes traditional souvernirs for which she has received invaluable commendments. In year 2005. she published a billingual collection of haiku poetry GLE! /LOOK! She also writes poetry and texts for the songs. Mrs. Zernec is a memeber of The Association of the Croatian Haiku Poets in Zagreb and Visual Arts Association "Ernest Tomasevic" in Krapina. She participates often in cultural life of town Krapina.


Sprzena trava,                                               Burnt grass,

Krapincica do gleznja,                                     Krapincica* up to the ankles

izronilo kamenje                                            stones diving out


U moru magle                                                In the sea of fog

crkvice - svjetionici                                      the churches - lighthouses

pokazuu put                                                  directing the way


Lijeno se                                                      Lazily

ispruzio stari djedov                                       streching out that old

otoman                                                        grandpa's couch


Procvao jutros                                              Blooming this morning

na listu lopoca                                               on the leaf of the lotus

pjegavi zabac                                                 a spotted frog


U kristalnoj                                                   In a crystal

vazi stol i                                                      vase a table and

stolice                                                         the chairs


Iz cadjavog                                                    From a sooty

dimnjaka izronio                                             chimney diving out

sjajni Mjesec                                                 the shiny Moon


Slozno u zelenoj                                            The green peas

zipkici odrastaju                                             growing harmoniously

zrna graska                                                   in their cradle


Samo trava cuje                                            The grass only

njeznu zvonjavu                                             hears the gentle ringing

djurdjica                                                        lilies of the valley


Cuvarkuca na                                                Houseleek

krovu razorenog doma                                    on the wrecked home's roof

ceka povratnike                                             awaits return of fled owners


Srebrni trag                                                  A silvery track

blijesti u travi - pojedena                               shining in the grass - eaten

bakina salata                                                 granny's lettuce


* River in Krapina

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Author: Bozena Zernec

Sprzena trava / 6th Haiku Day  Dubravko Ivancan, Krapina 2004, 2nd PrizeU moru magle / Klotar Ivanich Haiku Contest, 2004, CommendmentLijeno se / HAIKU, DHHP Zagreb, 2004, No  23/24Procvao jutros / 13th  Samobor Haiku Meeting,  2005U kristalnoj / Iz cadjavog / Srebrni trag / GLE! / LOOK!, Haiku Collection Samo trava cuje /  Cuvarkuca / Ludbreg Haiku Meeting, 2005


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