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Franin, Dina Croatian

Dina Franin was born in Zagreb on the 29th of March 1959. She graduated from the Law Faculty of University in Zagreb. She has published five collections of poetry: Primal Scream (Zagreb, 1995.), Woman's Pride is a Hard Stone (Zagreb, 1996.), The Last Juices of Summer (Zagreb, 1999.), The Sheltered Moon (Samobor, 1999.), Blue Nature (Petrinja, 2002.).
She is publishing in the Croatian and foreign literary and literary-theoretical magazines: Mogucnosti, Knjizevna rijeka, Hrvatska revija, Rival, Marulic, Hrvatsko slovo, Tragovi, Nagnuca, Poets International (India), Yellow Moon (Australia), Azami (Japan), ...
Her poems are included in the anthologies Tides of Memory (International Library of Poetry, USA, 2000.), Tender Moments (International Library of Poetry, USA, 2001.), Voices of Nature (International Library of Poetry, USA, 2001.), Tapping the tank (New Zealand Poetry Society, 1999.), Exchange of Gifts (New Zealand Poetry Society, 2001.), Poets International 2001 (India, 2001.), Writing from Turmoil (Zagreb, 1995.), The Anthology of Croatian Haiku - Free road (Croatian Haiku Society, 1999.), 100 Croatian Haiku (Society of Croatian Haiku Poets, 2000.).
Dina Franin's poems were awarded in Croatia and abroad: the third prize on The Kumamoto International Kusamakura Haiku Competition (Japan, 1999.), the third prize on The International ITOEN Haiku Competition (Japan, 2001.), a high commendation on The International Yellow Moon Competition (Australija, 2000.), an honourable mention on the competition of The Hawaii Education Association (Havaji, 1999.), the first award on the competition of The Croatian Haiku Society (Samobor, 2000.),...
In July 2000. she became a member of The International Society of Poets (Owings Mills, USA). In November 2002. her poem Wasted Youth was performed by an actor Alen Rose on the 2002 International Society of Poets' Convention and Symposium, Hollywood, California, USA and she was given a medal International Poet of Merit Award.
She took part in numerous poetic recitals and has participated in many radio shows and appeared on TV.

Since May 1998, her poetry has been present on the Internet at the address


Author: Dina Franin
Editor: Djurdja V. Rozic



International Commendmets and Awards:

Prekrasan vikend / Hawaii, 1999
Poslije bitke / Kusamakura, 1999
Vika seljaka / Tapping the tank, New Zealand Poetry Society, Wellington,
New Zealand, 1999
Korica kruha / Kusamakura , 1999
Na satorsko platno / Yellow Moon, 2000
Nocna hladnoca / Ito En, 2001
Mali zavezljaj / A-Bomb Memorial Day, 1999
Kameni djecak / Suruga Baika Literary Festival, 2002
Izmedju ruku / Kusamakura 2002


National credits:

Zaklonjen mjesec / Selected haiku on the 6th Annual Croatian Haiku Society Competition, 1998.
Jutarnja rosa / Honourable mention on the annual competiton of the magazine Vrabac/Sparrow, Samobor, 1998
Opijen proljecem / Marijan Cekolj and Marinko Spanovic: The Anthology of Croatian haiku Otvoren put / Free Road, Samobor, 1999
Curica sretna / Visnja McMaster: 100 Croatian Haiku, An Anthology for the Haiku Cards game, Association of Croatian Haiku Poets, Zagreb, 2000
Pad fotografa / Haiku Calendar Competition, Ludbreg, 2003.
Leptir leti / Honourable mention of the magazine Haiku, Zagreb, 2003.
Mladi pastir ñHaiku Calendar Competition, Ludbreg, 2004.


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