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Dusko Matas
no email address Croatian

Dusko Matas was born in Kastel Stari by Split, in 1933. Now he lives and works in Zagreb. Neuropsychiatrist, forensic psychiatrist, he has a doctorate in science and a degree in law.

His haiku has been published in independent haiku collections The Water Grasses (1991), Mountain Top (1998), and Love Story (1999),
the two later being published both in Croatian and English. He is one of the authors in common bilingual (Croatian/English) haiku collection Seven Ways (2000) and Seven New Ways (2003).

His haiku has been included in many other haiku books, collections, magazines, anthologies and journals in Croatia and other countries (Japan, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Netherlands, France, India, Slovenia, Germany and Serbia and Montenegro).

Poetry 2

Author: Dusko Matas
Editor: Djurdja V. Rozic


International Awards and Commendments:
pustos dvorista ­ W.J. Higginson: Haiku World
seoskim putom ­ Timepieces, USA, 1996
sudska rasprava ­ W.J. Higginson: Haiku World
staza uz potok ­ Kusamakura, 1998
ne osjecam kisu ­ Hobo, Australia, 1999
niski let ptice ­ Ito En, 2000
u oseki mora ­ Yellow Moon, 2000
u istoj kuci ­ UNESCO, Paris 2000
usnice djece ­ Ito En, 1994; The Haiku Calendar 2000
raste korov ­ A-Bomb Memorial Day, Kyoto, 2002
vlat trave ­ Yellow Moon, 2004

Domestic Awards and Commendments:

na kisobranu ­ Vladimir Devidé: Anthologija hrvatskog haiku pjesnistva, Zagreb, 1996
cvijece cvate ­ Vladimir Devidé: Antologija hrvatskog haiku pjesnistva, Zagreb, 1996
ugasen oganj ­ Haiku, Zagreb, 1999
vrh planine ­ Visnja McMaster: 100 Croatian Haiku, An Anthology for the Haiku Cards game, Zagreb, 2000
prazna trznica ­ Ludbreg, 2001
tiha marina ­ Ludbreg, 2002



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