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Frano Vlatkovic

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Mr. Frano Vlatkovic was born on March 30, 1949 in Dubrovnik. He lives in Orebic. He works in HTP Orebic. He has published poetry and haiku in many domestic journals and received a commendment from the Parish of Orebic. He has published five haiku collections and four books of poetry.

Author: Frano Vlatkovic
Editor: D.V. Rozic
Translator: D.V. Rozic and Marinko Spanovic

tiha utiha / The 38th A-Bomb Memorial Day, Kyoto, Japan, 2004; zasjala duga / The Klostar Ivanic Haiku Miscellany, Klostar Ivanic, Croatia, 2004; vjetar s mora / Collection POSUDICA ZA SUZE ( A Tiny Vessel for the Ttears); omot cokolade / Collection ZIRAFI PREKO KOLJENA( Over the Giraffe's Knee); na goloj hridi / Collection NA LJULJACKI (On the Swing); kapljica smole / Collection IZNAD VJETRA(Above the Wind); krupne oci / Collection MORE SE MORU IZLILO (The Sea Ebbed out to the Sea); krasopis noci / Collection SPOZNAJA NESANICE (Cognition of Insomnia).


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