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Ivan Nadilo

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IIvan Nadilo was born in 1939 in Blato, on the island of Korcula, Croatia. By profession he is a surveyor. He has lived and worked in Metkovic, a town on Neretva river, since 1977. This river is most frequent motive, inspiration for his haiku. His booklet 'Neretva' (haiku and photo-haiga) was published by the Central Croatian Cultural and Publishing Society of Metkovic, whose long-time active member he is. He is also the member of the Association of Croatian Haiku Poets, Zagreb and regularly publishes in its journals.

Author: Ivan Nadilo
Editor: Djurdja V. Rozic
Translator: Mira Validzic
secuci grobljem / Commendment, The Klostar Ivanic Haiku Miscellany, Klostar Ivanic, Croatia, 2004 izmedju dviju / Commendment, VRABAC, Samobor 1994 umorni galeb / The Ludbreg Haiku Miscellany, Ludbreg 2003 u jutarnjoj / HAIKU No. 21/22, The Association of Croatian Haiku Poets, Zagreb, Croatia, 2004 cetiri kata / Commendment, VRABAC, Samobor 1995 pored Neretve / NERETVA, a haiku collection, Matica Hrvatska, Metkovic, 2004

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