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Marija Andjela Pogorilic Croatian
Marija Andjela Pogorilic, Rovinjsko Selo 86, 52210 Rovinj, Croatia

Marija Andjela Pogorilic was born Radovan in Rovinjsko Selo in 1948 where she lives today. She graduated from Pedagogical Academy in Pula (Geography and History) yet she worked in tourism.
Marija publishes poetry and prose in Chakavian dialect of Rovinjsko Selo and standard Croatian language. She writes down sayings and proverbs of her place. So far she published three collections of poetry: Dih ljubavi (A Breath of Love), Kap rose (A Dewdrop) and Zrno soli (A Grain of Salt). With her poetry she is presented in 12 joint collections and over 50 literary journals, taking part in poetry recitals in the country. Haiku, senryu, waka and haiga she publishes in IRIS haiku magazine and joint haiku collections, taking part in haiku meetings and competitions in Croatia and abroad.


Author: Marija Andjela Pogorillic
Editor: Djurdja V. Rozic


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