Shyqri Nimani Language:  Albanian
no personal web site Country:  Kosova

Professor Shyqri Nimani was born 1941 in Shkodër (Albania). He studied applied arts and design, and continued art research in Japan from 1976-78. His main subject is fine arts and design. He has written essays and books on the Visual Arts. He translated the book "100 Haiku into Albanian. Mother tongue: Albanian. He lives in Prishtina, Kosova. 






Mbretëri nate;
 Hënëplota pikturon
     Kontura çifti.
night kingdom;
 full moon paints
   a pair,s contours
Tha se nuk mbledh dot
 Bozhure ndër lëndina
    S,rron Gjeraldina
he said he could not gather
  peonies in meadows
    Geraldine does not live
Vrullshëm hap krahët
 Në sulm t,rrufeshëm kthetrash
    Kjo shqipe thepash
furiously she opens her wings
  in a fierce claw attack
     this eagle of cliffs.

Author: Shyqri Nimani
Editor: Kathleen P. Decker
Translator: Avni Spahiu


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