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Mrs. Timjana Mahecic, a retired engineering technician, was born in 1938 and most of her life she lived in Zagreb, expect several years she spent working in various Croatian cities. With writing she has been occupied since early days of her youth but not as a proffesional writer. Her early poems and short stories were published in Literature Revue Marulic in Zagreb. She writes haiku since 1995, haibuns and waka as well and they have been published in journals and calendars mostly in Croatia , but also in Slovenia, Japan and India. 'I like haiku because, with so little words one can say so much, and cover main point of some event'.

Author: Timjana Mahecic
Editor: Djurdja V. Rozic
Iza zaostalog / Haiku Miscellany, Ludbreg, Croatia, 1998, from Haibun 'Rain' // Mjesec miluje / Marulic No. 4., 1999. * Fountain in front of The Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.// Prognanici / The 34th A-Bomb Day Memorial Haiku Meeting, Japan, 2000.// Tek sto upalih / Haiku Miscellany, Ludbreg 2001.// Snijezi na Gricu / Haiku Calendar, Ludbreg, Croatia, 2001, ** Hill at ancient part of Zagreb.// Crveni makovi / 4th Haiku Day Dubravko Ivancan, Krapina 2002., Croatia.// Izlog - zlatan nakit / Haiku Miscellany Klostar Ivanic 2004, Croatia.// Kroz novinski papir - Haiku Calendar, Ludbreg, Croatia, 2004, Third Prize.// Tako je krhka - Journal HAIKU No. 21/22, 2004 and Journal LETNI CASI/Summer Time, Slovenia, 2004.// Zabac u rodinu kljunu - Haiku Calendar, Ludbreg, Croatia, 2005, Honorable Mention.// Zabac u rodinu kljunu - Haiku Calendar, Ludbreg, Croatia, 2005, Honorable Mention.//

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