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Zlata Bogovic

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Zlata Bogovic was born in Vara?din in the noble family Kusec on 15.12.1940, ecconomist, working as the bookeeper. She lives in Vara?din, is married mother of two children, Alexander and Petra. She has been writing haiku for 10 years. Beside haiku she writes poetry for children, stories for young readers and classical poetry. She is a member of The Association of Croatin Haiku Poets in Zagreb and The Varazdin Literature Society. She takes part in recitals and literature evenings. She takes part in most Croatian haiku meetings and her haiku has been published in periodicals in Ludbreg, Samobor, Klostar Ivanic, The Dubravko Ivancan Haiku Day in Krapina, magazine Haiku in Zagreb and Miscellany of The Varazdin Literature Society. She particapates in international haiku contests in Japan and has been awarded for her haiku.

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Author: Zlata Bogovic
Editor: Djurdja V. Rozic

Vjetar zavija / Ludbreg Calendar, 2004, Third Prize Vu obloku kmica / The 5th Haiku Day Dubravko Ivancan, Krapina, 2003, Second Prize Djevojka nosi / The Klostar Ivanic Haiku Miscellany, Klostar Ivanic, Croatia, 2004, Third Prize Kroz nocni bljesak / HAIKU No. 21/22, The Association of Croatian Haiku Poets, Zagreb, Croatia, 2004 Brana / The Ludbreg Haiku Miscellany, Ludbreg 2002 Oko borica / Miscellany of The Varazdin Literature Society, Varazdin, 2004 Snijeg pobijelio / The 10th Samobor Haiku Meeting, Samobor 2002 Otopljen snijeg / Kusamakura, 2002, Second Prize


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