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Druskininkai Poetic Fall and the 5th WHA Conference 2009

WHA Japan General Meeting Announcement (Japanese)

Meeting Reports on WHAC4 (English &Japanese)

A Haiku Talk on "World Haiku" by Ban'ya Natsuishi (in Japanese)

WHAC4 Album

WHAC4 Newspaper Article

The WHAC4 Handbill English / Japanese

The 4th World Haiku Association Conference Provisional Program English / Japanese

The 2nd WHA JAPAN Meeting Report : Japanese

The 4th World Haiku Association Conference (WHAC4) /Japanese

World Haiku Association Poet Contributed To United Negro College Fund ; English / Japanese

The WHAC4 OutlineEnglish / Japanese

WHA Junior Haiku Contest 2005 Results

The records of the 3rd World Haiku Association Conference English / Japanese

The 3rd World Haiku Association Conference (Sofia, Bulgaria, 15-18 July, 2005)

The Second World Haiku Association Conference (Tenri, Japan, 3-5 October 2003)

World Haiku Association Inaugural Conference

Report on the World Haiku Conference in Tolmin, Slovenia English / Japanese

WHA Publication

Submission Form for "World Haiku 2009" English / Japanese

A book review of Toni Piccini's haiku book

A book review of World Haiku 2008 by Gerald England

Ban'ya Natsuishi's article appeared on the Nikkei Shinbun (Japanese)

The Book Review of World Haiku 2008: English / Japanese

World Haiku 2008 Order Form-- English / Japanese

The Book Review of WHA 2007 Japanese

The Book Review of Towards Day and Night of Everyday by Josip Osti and For a Sparrow by JackGalmitz, Blesok

World Haiku Publication News No10


World Haiku 2006 -- English / Japanese The Book Review

Antologia World Haiku 2006 ; Romania

World Haiku 2005 -- English / Japanese ... Newspaper Articles

WHA Japan

The report: the 4th WHA Japan Conference

The 4th WHA Japan Conference

A Report on the 3rd Wellington International Poetry FestivalJapanese

WHA Welcome Party for Mr. Casimiro de Brito 2005 Japanese

Euro-Japan Poetry Festival in Tokyo 2005 ; The WHA supports this meeting.

A Report on the 2005 WHA Meeting in Japan English / Japanese

WHA Japan Haiku Meetings 2005

Haiku Essay

Tapping the Common Well, by Jim Kacian

Stalking the Wild Onji: The Search for Current Linguistic Terms Used in Japanese Poetry Circles, by Richard Gilbert <PDF>

This article also appears in HTML format at http://www.iyume.com/onji/onji.html

Technique used in Modern Japanese Haiku: Vocabulary and Structure, by Ban'ya Natsuishi

Death Notice

Death Notice of Darko Plazanin

Death Notice of Petrovic, Zvonko

Death Notice of Erika Schwalm

Death Notice of Prof. Satya Bhushan Verma



Tokyo Poetry Festival 2008 Flyer: Eng / Jp

French Haiku Association's Festival 2008 Montreal: PDF

A lecture_of Kornelijus Platelis in Japan Japanese

A lecture about haiku by Ban'ya Natsuishi Japanese

A Report on The 9th Ohrid P.E.N. Conference Japanese

Lithuania Poetry Spring 2006 . Photo Album in English / Photo Album in Japanese / Report in Japanese

9JO NO KAI First anniversary meeting Newspaper Articles Japanese

Wellington Poetry Festival

Genoa Poetry Festival 2005 Italian / English / Japanese

From Two Italian Poetry Festivals ; Ban'ya NATSUISHI


Book Review ;Through the Air Japanese

Haiku Ireland

A Guide to World Haiku

Ombres et Lumieres (Bulgaria)

The Road World Haiku (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2004)

Haiku Contest

Ludbred Haiku Contest

A-Bomb Memorial Day Haiku Contest -- The 38th_Results

Ginyu Haiku Prize

The 5th Klostar Ivanic Contest for Haiku in English (2008)

The results of Ludbreg Haiku Contest