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He was born in 1959 in Trieste, where he lives. Since 1979 he is a selecter ( devising and vocal conduction ) of radio broadcastings ( mostly on the music of the last 40 years ), not only in Italy. In the past he has been the teacher in a six months laboratory on the radio communication and devising broadcastings. As writer he has published with some publishers ( " Gammalibri " and" Pulcinoelefante " ), besides writing for newspapers and web pages. About three years ago his first meeting with the " Haiku Universe ", the arrival point of one even more essential way of writing. Since that moment writing, readings and expositions of this form of art and feel. Now he's working at his first book of haiku, and soon he'll be the teacher in a seven months writing laboratory, mostly for persons, at the moment, with mental suffering. ( july 2005 )
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