Reports on May 24, 2020

From Roger Watson (UK)


A collection of 64 haiku & senryu by  Roger Watson  &  Su Wai Hlaing

Published by Yould Publications Ltd

Language: English   ISBN: 978-164516442-5

Kindle edition $4.00

Hard copy (inc. post & packaging):

UK = £4.50

Rest of world = £7.00

Email: rwatson1955@gmail.com

Haiku in this book are a collection of published haiku by Roger Watson and Su Wai Hlaing. They have previously been published in: All the Way Home:  Aging in Haiku; Blithe Spirit; emphemerae; Failed Haiku; Four Hundred and Two Snails (25th HSA Anthology); JALMURRA; Luca’s Lily Pad; Poetry Pea; Presence; Prune Juice; Pulse; The Mainichi; Under the Basho; Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award 2018; Wales Haiku Journal