Report: The Second World Haiku Association Conference


The Second World Haiku Association Conference was held from the 3 October 3 to the 5 October, 2003, sponsored by the Japan Foundation. The theme of the conference was: "Bridges: Haiku aound the World." The Conference was held at the Tenrikyo 38 Conference Center located in Tenri, Japan and was blessed with calm autumn weather. About 100 persons from 13 different countries attended and news and videos concerning the Conference were reported as local news by the NHK TV Station in Nara, on NHK World TV and NHK Satellite 1 "Weekend Japanology".

Participants came from many difference cultures and countries. The participants included the President of the Pen Club of Portugal, Casimiro de Brito, and Martin Berner, President of the German Haiku Society. Also present were Alain Kervern from France, Professor David G. Lanoue of Xavier University of New Orleans (US), Dr. Angelee Deodhar from India, Bulgarian University Assistant Professor, Ludmila Balabanova, Macedonian poet, Aleksandar Prokopiev and Kai Falkman (Former Swedish Minister Plenipotentiary to Japan), David Prater, a poet from Australia, an Estonian poet and neo surrealist, Andres Ehin and many others from many different walks of life. All of the overseas participants and Japanese participants were able to enjoy a meaningful time together.
From afternoon on the first of the Conference, the 3 October, there was the Haiku Reading from all participants. Sumie Aihara, Kiyoko Ichino and some others, Japanese haiku poetesses read some of their haiku translated into English as well as the originals in Japanese.

Accompanied by dragonflies
friends gather
in mountain country
Kan'ichi Abe
What is that grins-
a wild rose
a war?
Sumie Aihara
In the night
bits of light-
the rain
Ludmila Balabanova
Skrigende allinger
Blishonen er forsvundet
Vandrotten er fed
Crying ducklings
The coot has vanished
A fat water rat
Hanne Hansen
a noncommittal Japanese:
a red crab
Tateo Fukutomi
Patch of clouds-
perch on this finger!
Sayumi Kamakura
Du fond de la baie
monte un ciel
From the depth of the bay
rises a sky
of steel
Alain Kervern
students search
for their classes, ants
keep digging
David G. Lanoue
Winter rain in early night
a bonfire ends up
before Katsura Palace's hedgegrow
Akio Tanaka

At the Welcome Party that began in the evening, participants enjoyed wine provided by the Slovene Embassy, beer provided by the Sapporo Beer company and dished seasoned with truffles provided by Tenrikyo and also watched a performance of traditional Japanese dancing.
On the morning of the 4 October, a WHA Meeting was held and the Articles of Association were unanimously approved. Following this, Ban'ya Natsuishi gave the keynote speech on the theme of "For World Haiku" in which he said that the characteristics of the purity and brevity of the poems of the 20th century were seen to be related to haiku and that the creation of images imbued with truth has become the basis of World Haiku. In the speeches that followed, Carmen Sterba of the US proposed haiku as a way to increase international friendship, Balabanova described Haiku as bridge between the East and West and Phillip Rowland of England spoke about the influence of surrealism on the haiku of Japan, the US and England. Kenichi Yamamoto of Japan spoke about haiku on the internet and touched on the teaching haiga drawing using the internet. Zinovy Vayman of Russia spoke briefly on the history of haiku in Russia. In the Symposium chaired by Kan'ichi Abe, the perceptions of haiku of the panelists, Sayumi Kamakura, Berner, Lanoue, Kervern and Deodhar were brought into focus and concerning haiku that have themes such as the universe, nature and deep human truths panelists agreed haiku on such theme were possible in any language and it was agreed that there was a need to introduce each other's haiku by means of good quality translations.

On the last day, the 5 October, after the participants had the opportunity to see the actual writings of Basho and Shiki at Tenri Central Library, they walked along, making up haiku, as they went to Oomiwa Jinja (a shinto shrine). These haiku were read at the Farewell Haiku Reading that ended the Conference.

All the world
equal under the row-
fish scale clouds
Sagicho Aihara
Autumn days
languages are animated
clouds smile
Bin Akio
Oomiwa Shrine
the yellow butterfly
doesn't care about me
Martin Berner
I place my hand
on the hand of the old madster-
I am a chlid
Casimiro de Brito
Oomiwa Shrine
to pray or take a photo-
the same thing
Marilyn Hazelton
Surrounded by
green hedge mountains
a fountain and an egg
__ Ban'ya Natsuishi

Next year the World Haiku Association will publish the first issue of the annual "World Haiku Journal."

 第二回世界俳句協会大会報告            夏石番矢

 第二回世界俳句協会大会は、国際交流基金の助成を受け、二〇〇三年十月三日から五日まで、「俳句、世界の掛け橋」をテーマに、天理市の天理教第38母屋で開催され、穏やかな日和に恵まれた。日本を含む十三か国から約百人が参加した。大会の模様は、NHK奈良のロカール・ニュース、NHKワールドTV、NHK衛星第一の「Weekend Japanology」で紹介された。 参加者は文字通り国際色豊か。ポルトガル・ペンクラブ会長カジミーロ・ド・ブリトー。ドイツ俳句協会会長マルティン・ベルナー。フランスからは、アラン・ケルヴェルヌ。米国ニューオリンズのグザヴィア大学教授デヴィッド・G・ラヌー。インドの医師、アンジェリー・デオダール。ブルガリアの大学助教授リュドミラ・バラバノワ。マケドニアのマルチ詩人アレクサンダー・プロコピエフ。駐日スウェーデン大使も務めた外交官カイ・ファルクマン。オーストラリアからは、詩人のデヴィッド・プレイター。エストニアのネオ・シュルレアリスト詩人アンドレス・エヒンと、枚挙にいといまがない。さまざまな経歴を持つ海外からの参加者が、日本の俳人たちと楽しく有意義な時間を過ごすことができた。 初日の三日午後から、参加者全員による俳句朗読が行なわれた。相原澄江、市野記余子ら日本のベテラン女性俳人が、日本語の原句とともに、自作の英訳の朗読にも挑戦した。

とんぼ連れて味方あつまる山のくに 阿部完市
微笑むは野中のバラか戦争か 相原澄江
夜/わずかな光/雨 リュドミラ・バラバノワ
鳴くあひるの子/虱は消えた/太った水ネズミ ハンネ・ハンスン
曖昧な日本人のわたし紅い蟹 福富健男
ちぎれ雲ときにはこの指に止まれ 鎌倉佐弓
湾の底から/鋼の空が/上り来る アラン・ケルヴェルヌ
学生たち教室/探す蟻たちは/穴掘り続け デヴィッド・G・ラヌー
小夜時雨焚き火の果ての桂垣 田中映男

 夕方からの歓迎会では、スロヴェニア大使館とサッポロビール寄贈のワインやお酒、天理教提供のトリュフ入りの料理などに会場がなごみ、日本舞踊の披露もあった。 四日朝のWHA会議では、協会の規約が異議なく承認された。これに続く基調講演「世界俳句のために」で夏石は、二〇世紀の詩の純粋化と短縮化が俳句に結び付き、真実宿るイメージ創造が「世界俳句」の基礎となったと指摘し、続く講演では、米国のカーメン・スターバが俳句による国際親善を提唱し、ブルガリアのバラバノワは西洋と東洋の掛け橋としての俳句を説き、英国のフィリップ・ローランドはシュルレアリスムの影響を受けた日米英の俳句の功績を紹介し、日本の山本健一はインターネットを通じての俳句と俳画の教育実践に触れた。ロシアのズィノヴィー・ヴェイマンは、ロシアにおける俳句の歴史を簡潔に述べた。阿部完市を司会者とするシンポジウムでは、鎌倉佐弓、ベルナー、ラヌー、ケルヴェルヌ、デオダールらパネリストの俳句観は接近しており、宇宙、自然、人間の深い真理をうたう俳句は、何語でも可能であり、良質の翻訳をとおしてお互いに紹介する必要があるとの見解で一致した。

よろづよのせかい一れつ鰯雲 相原左義長
秋の日の言葉にぎわう雲笑う 秋尾 敏
大神神社おれを無視する黄色の蝶 マルティン・ベルナー
老師匠の手に/わが手置き/われは子供 カジミーロ・ド・ブリトー
大神神社/祈るも撮るも/同じこと マリリン・ヘイゼルトン
青垣山に囲まれ泉と卵かな 夏石番矢



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