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New The World Haiku Association is currently seeking criticisms on the theme of haiku


submit haiku news to WHA( to Mr.Ban'ya Natsuishi)


World Haiku Anthology 2015 order forms(pdf): JP---EN New!

WHA Japan Conference 2014, Announcement.

WHA Japan Conference report(Jp-pdf) April.29,2013

第2回世界俳句セミナー / The 2nd World Haiku Seminar, April 29, 2013

World Haiku Anthology 2013 published.....Order forms: Eng......Jp

WHAC7 in Medellin (PDF)

WHA Japan Conference 2012 Reports(pdf). Jp.....Eng

WHAJ newspaper article, Saitama Shinbun, May 22,2012

WHA Japan Conference 2012, location map>

The 7th WHA Conference in Medellin, Columbia (pdf)

Application & renewing of membership

Haiku submission for World Haiku 2012


The 6th WHA Japan Conference, April, 29, 2011, Tokyo

Haiku Reading Event (独演!俳句ライブ17)

Haiku reading event held in Saitama, Japan. Newpaper article

WHA 5th Japan Conference reports--Eng--JP

Video from readings at the 5th Japan conference of WHA (check "New")

Photographs from the 5th Japan Conference of WHA

The 5th Japan Conference of WHA, April 29, 2010

WORLD HAIKU FESTIVAL PECS 2010, August 6~8, 2010

*World Haiku Anthology

Review article on WH 2015, Mainichi Shimbun, 29 March 2015 New!

Review article on WH 2015, Jomo Shinbun, 26 March 2015 New!

Review article on WH9 on Tosho Shinbun, July 6, 2013

Review article on WH 2012 on newspaper March 28, 2013

Review article on WH 2012 on Saitama Shinbun May 6, 2012

Review article on World Haiku 2012, on the Meiji Univ. Bulletin No.643 (May, 2012)

Review article, Saitama Shinbun newspaper (Japanese)

Review article, Jomo Shinbun newspaper (Japanese)

"World Haiku 2011" book order forms: English / Japanese

Reveiw on "WH2010", Meiji Univ. bulletin, Nov.1, 2010

il piccolo conoscuramento (Italian newpaper article)

Review on Tosho Shinbun

Review on a Croatian newspaper

Review on "World Haiku 2010, Junior Haiku section

Review on "World Haiku 2010, No.6":Brasilian website

"World Haiku 2010" book order forms: English / Japanese

*Other WHA Related News

Newspaper article on Sha'ar Poetry Festival in Israel........English version (PDF)

*Other Publications

Newspaper column (Sankei Shinbun)

A review article on the Mongorian University Newspaper


The NZ Poetry Society's annual International Poetry Competition

Japan-Lithuania Haiku Contest: (pdf) English / Japanese

WHA Haiga Contest - English / Japanese

Applications Now Open for Haiku Criticisms

Klostar Ivanic Haiku contest (pdf)

Japan-Lithuania Online Haiku Contest /日リトアニア・オンライン俳句コンテスト2011




Haiku Festival in Medellin, Colombia

Haiku Reading at Meigen Bunko, Chiba, Japan
Haiku reading by Yuko Tange and others

Injured Roses (Yuko Tange Haiku Collection)

The Poetic Achievement of Ban'ya Natsuishi

Haiku Contest

Contest in Croatia

Ginyu Haiku Prize

Apokalipsa magazine haiku contest


Haiku reading and haiga by Toni Piccini, Italy