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12.28.2011 haiga The 95th. Haiga Contest
11.24.2011 about WHA membership fee can be paid via PayPal
10.25.2011 News The 14th International Apokalipsa Haiku Contest (pdf)
10.19.2011 Poetry Featured Haiku 11 by Mohammed BENNIS (pdf)
9.30.2011 haiga The 92nd. Haiga Contest
10.09.2011 News Haiku contest in Matsuyama
10.04.2011 Poetry Suzie Palmer (Australia)
09.30.2011 Movie Video list from TPF2 and WHAC6 (pdf)
09.19.2011 Criticism

Haiku as myth :pdf

09.14.2011 News The 7th WHA Conference in Medellin, Columbia (pdf)

09.14.2011 News The Annoucement of Croatian Academy Meeting for the late Dr. Vladimir Devide (pdf)
09.13.2011 Poetry Featured Haiku 10, Jack Galmitz
08.28.2011 News The 2nd TPF &the 6th WHAC2011 Anthology / WHA Anthology 2011
08.17.2011 Poetry Nagamine, Chiaki
08.02.2011 Top World Poery Movement PDF
08.02.2011 Link Medellin International Poetry Festival
08.01.2011 Poetry Urjin Khurelbaatar poetry page
07.29.2011 haiga The 90th. Haiga Contest
06.28.2011 News TPF2 and WHAC6 Flyers....Eng.....Jp
06.21.2011 News TPF promotion video uploaded

06.16.2011 News Application for TPF2 &WHAC6 En /Jp
06.14.2011 News Japan-Lithuania Online Haiku Contest /日リトアニア・オンライン俳句コンテスト2011
06.03.2011 News Newspaper article on WHACJ6 (in Japanese)
05.31.2011 haiga The 88th. Haiga Contest
05.28.2011 News Vladimir Devide Haiku Award, results
05.23.2011 News Klostar Ivanic Haiku contest (pdf)
05.16.2011 News Greeting Messages at the 6th WHAJC
05.06.2011 Movie Haiku readings at the 6th WHAJ conference (check the New)
04.29.2011 haiga The 87th. Haiga Contest
04.24.2011 News The 6th WHA Japan Conference, April, 29, 2011, Tokyo

04.06.2011 Links Haiku-Kraniche (haiku cranes)
04.05.2011 Poetry Featured haiku by Ban'ya Natsuishi "Tsunami & Nuclear Reactor"
03.29.2011 haiga The 86th. Haiga Contest
02.27.2011 about Application forms for membership (New & Renewal)---English / Japanese
02.27.2011 about Submission forms for World Haiku 2012---English / Japanese
02.26.2011 haiga The 85th. Haiga Contest
02.22.2011 News A reveiw article on the Saitama Shinbun newspaper (Japapnese)
02.15.2011 News A reveiw article on Jomo Newspaper (Japapnese)
01.29.2011 News "World Haiku 2011" book order forms: English / Japanese
01.07.2011 Criticism Haiku as Creative Link by Ban'ya Natsuishi (Jp version PDF)

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