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11.11.2013 News Haiku Ang contest announcement
10.22.2013 News Saitama Shinbun newspaper article on WHAC7_2
10.8.2013 News Saitama Shinbun newspaper article on WHAC7_1
10.7.2013 News Meiji University Newsletter article on WHAC7 in Medellin (Jp only)
09.28.2013 News 112th Haiga Contest result
09.22.2013 News Photo Album from WHAC7(大会の写真)
08.24.2013 News Link to the 3rd Japan- Lithuania Haiku Contest
07.28.2013 News WHAC7 Poster
07.21.2013 News Attendants's List of WHAC7 in Medellin

07.15.2013 News Review article on WH9 on Tosho Shinbun, July 6, 2013
07.13.2013 News Japan-Lithuania Haiku Contest results (pdf)
06.27.2013 News Applications Now Open for Haiku Criticisms
06.11.2013 News Review article on the Saitama Shinbun newspaper
06.11.2013 News Report of WHAJC8 En report (PDF)
06.09.2013 News Review article on World Haiku No.9 (Jp)
06.01,2013 Poetry Johannes S.H. Bjerg
05.25.2013 Poetry Featured Haik by Casimiro de Brito(pdf)
05.25.2013 Poetry Bill Cooper
05.13.2013 News WHA Japan Conference report(Jp-pdf) April.29,2013

05.09.2013 News

第2回世界俳句セミナー / The 2nd World Haiku Seminar

05.07.2013 News The 8th WHAJapan Conferece report, including links to the video clips (pdf)
05.07.2013 News 2013 Japan-Russia Haiku Contest (pdf)
04.28.2013 News 108th Haiga Contest result
04.05.2013 News Review article on WH 2012 on newspaper March 28, 2013
03.28.2013 News The NZ Poetry Society's annual International Poetry Competition
03.12.2013 News WHA Japan Conference 2013 announcement
03.12.2013 News Flyer for the 7th WHAC in Medellin, Colombia
03.07.2013 News World Haiku Anthology 2013 published.....Order forms: Eng......Jp
02.19.2013 News 3rd Vladimir Devide Haiku Award - Open Haiku Competition

02.16.2013 News Membership renewal application and haiku submission forms for 2013
01.05.2013 News The 7th WHA Conference in Medellin (PDF)

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